Are you feeling stuck in your current role and struggling to progress in your career?

Are you tired of seeing other people being promoted ahead of you and want to do something about it?

Do you want to increase your impact on people and the planet but don’t feel like you have the time or space to stop and breathe or re-evaluate your career and strategise?

Become an inspirational leader

You're here for a reason. It's time for a change. Gain clarity on your career direction, maximise your confidence, grow your reputation and become an inspirational leader in your sector with virtual coaching from industry professionals. By the end of this course you will be clear on your strengths and how to promote them without feeling boastful. You will find yourself being treated differently by your colleagues, will be respected more, and will be given more opportunities. Like a snowball effect, by growing your confidence and getting clear on your career goals, vision and impact. This will catalyse a shift-change in your career and reputation.

Transform your career using our proven strategies for success and recognition

In the Wonder Woman Your Career course you will learn the exact career development strategies that we’ve used to achieve amazing success in our own professional lives. Like a snowball effect, by growing your confidence and getting clear on your career goals, vision and impact. This will catalyse a shift-change in your career and reputation.

Course Reviews

  • "This course has been a total game-changer for me. I would highly recommend this course for people who want to become more organised, productive and balanced in their lives. Thank you Wonder Women for helping me take the next step in my career!" Nyree, Project Manager

  • "I was feeling stuck in my career. Having gone through this course I now feel much more confident and I've immediately been able to jump start my career using your guidance. Thank you!" Faith, Senior Ecologist

  • "This course was about dedicating time and energy to myself and my future. So many things have shifted - my perspective has changed, I’ve submitted three job applications, focused on personal development, and created space for me" Katie, Conservation Professional

How this course will help you

Our unique five-cycle approach will Wonder Woman Your Career

  • Cycle 1: Discover Your Superpowers

    Truly understand your strengths and become able to promote your Wonder Woman superpowers

  • Cycle 2: Plan Your Mission

    Create an amazing vision for your life and map out in detail exactly how to get there using your own unique strategy

  • Cycle 3: Put the Wind in Your Wonder Woman Cape

    Feel comfortable with who you are, be healthier and happier, and move towards being free from financial worries

  • Cycle 4: Supersize Your Impact

    Focused your confidence outwardly, be comfortable in the management role and step up as an inspirational leader

  • Cycle 5: Unleash Your Wonder Woman!

    Step into the limelight, move centre stage and enjoy your new found confidence without guilt or constraint

What's included?

Look at all the amazing materials you get immediate access to when you sign up to the Wonder Woman Your Career course!

  • 5 complete Cycles covering 22 Modules of professional career coaching

  • 13.5 hours of video content in 33 information-packed video files

  • 16 pdfs to download and keep, including full course cycle transcripts

  • 27 practical exercises to build and practice your new skills

  • Exclusive bonus materials (scroll down to find out more on this)

  • Approx. 20 hours of learning

  • Lifetime access to everything - forever!

Learn more about your instructors

  • Nadine and  Eugenie

    Career Development Specialists

    Nadine and Eugenie

    Please let us introduce ourselves. We’re Eugenie and Nadine and we’re friends who have a passion for helping women create and nurture impactful careers. For us it is so important to see women succeed in the workplace, not just for themselves, but to strengthen their organisations and make a better impact in the world.

Our own successful careers have seen us travel the globe...

...working for the United Nations, European Commission and with governments and decision makers around the world. Between us we've earned first class honour degrees, a PhD, and now studying for an Executive MBA. Our unique and varied career paths have given us first-hand experience of the day-to-day challenges associated with achieving a successful career. Women bring a whole range of unique skills, knowledge, and experience to the workplace. Women are not only effective leaders and managers but often balance this with raising a family and running a household. Promoting women into senior executive positions brings benefits for organisations and their bottom line. Through our online community we want to help you get there too.

Our mission is to help you create and nurture an impactful career

  • Our values are authenticity, positivity, trust, and kindness.

  • By building a network of empowered, confident Wonder Women, we can help address gender inequality in the workplace.

  • We believe that there is strength in diversity and gender equality.

  • We believe that with each woman who is more empowered at work, we get closer to an equal world.

  • We believe that together we can make the world a better place. It might sound corny, but if we don’t do it, who will?

  • We can’t wait to see you on the course and welcome you into our network of empowered, confident, and successful Wonder Women!

Bonus material

Included are these great resources and more to help you in your career

  • Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

    Use our top tips to create an amazing LinkedIn profile to impress employers and enhance your reputation

  • Résumé and Cover Letter Templates

    Our simple résumé and cover letter templates will help you take that next step on the career ladder

  • Ace Your Job Interview Ebook

    This ebook gives you all the information you need to prepare and deliver an amazing job interview